Dungeon Corporation
Dungeon Corporation : (An auto-farming RPG game!)

Dungeon Corporation v3.96 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Storage)

Dungeon Corporation Mod APK is a novel role-playing game, role-playing the company’s employees under the control of monsters, and the main task is to overthrow your boss.

App Name Dungeon Corporation
Size 84M
Latest Version 3.96
MOD Info Mega Menu, Unlimited Storage
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1.) God Mode
2.) Massive Damage
3.) Super Speed
4.) Unlimited Storage (Automatic Applied)
5.) Massive Essence
6.) 0 Cost For Upgrade And Massive Increase When Buy In Shops
7.) Anti-ban (For Now…)


1) uninstall GG or memory editing tools. mod not compatible with them
2) some mods have ads to pay-off a small part of electricity bills, your support very much appreciated. wait for the ads to finish, click close button on top right corner. VIP users should not see any ads, just login to VIP app.
3) PM me a crash log if mod only shows black or white screen: How-to tutorial videos | Youtube
4) your account may get corrupted if you go too greedy and activate the mods for too long. 2 hours playing, you’re guaranteed to reach the highest level of everything in the server. 1 week playing, you will guaranteed to crash your account!!!
5) mods will need to be ENABLED before you enter the server
6) if you want to play “legit” after using my mods, make sure you “extract” everything useless in your inventory
7) if you want your dungeon boss ticket or training ticket to go crazy, turn “increase when spending” mod on before enter game, then go to dungeon boss, play, your number will be massive. Once you’re happy with your number, just get out of the game and login back but this time do not select the “increase when spending” mod, then you can fight the boss as you wish. Get all of those Epic weapons, you don’t need to wait for “burning time” 🙂

How to play wise and look legit:
1. enable all mod options
2a. go to your weapon tab, click “auto extract” middle left button, enable ALL options to extract any rubbish weapons, disable “automatic lock” options, basically you want the game to automatically remove any rubbish — don’t worry, your epic weapons will not be removed — you can lock whatever weapons you like later
2b. go up to Glory Road, level 490+ (fresh account should take about 2-3 hours)
3. go to boss dungeon, fight boss, when “increase when spending” mod is active, this should make your boss ticket massive, play only for 30 secs or 1 mins, or till you happy with it
4. kill the game
5. load game again, this time, enable everything except “increase when spending”
6. go to boss dungeon, challenge boss, click “continuous entry”, then leave the game running forever
7. when you get back, your inventory will be full of Epic weapons, pick and choose, or upgrade them all to MYTH weapons
8. next time, when you go back to game, DISABLE speed, then you can chat with the server people and brag about your accounts.

The game is FULL of lame haters who can’t stand when you get all the good weapons when playing few hours, since it took them months/years to get where they are 😀

Be nice to them, show only your lowest weapons, so they don’t cry too hard !

Download (84M)

Dungeon Corporation introduces automated gameplay with lots of exciting potentials for players to entertain or develop themselves through a series of compelling activities. The game also uses friendly concepts like a company in hell with all employees familiar monsters but using office costumes. That makes gameplay even more fun as players climb the high ranks and even show themselves to the world and compete against other players in hell.


The core gameplay of Dungeon Corporation is idle and will automate almost any process or mechanism for players to relax while climbing the higher ranks. While everything is automatic, everyone can actively upgrade each element or function of the hero necessary to overcome hell’s challenges. The funny thing is that the corporation will develop new challenges to make the gameplay endless and give everyone new entertainment instead of absurdly try-hard.


All the demons in the corporation have their jobs to maintain, and the player can attack them to steal all jobs and promotions. The combat mechanism in the game is simple and friendly, and players can relax or gently interact with some functions to boost certain parts. After completing the contract robbery of the demons, the player can gradually unlock new effects in combat or upgrade existing units.


The upgrade system in Dungeon Corporation is endless, and players can focus all their resources on specific units to take their combat performance to the next level. Based on their rank in the corporation, the player can develop more unique elements or recruit new units. It doesn’t stop with those units, but they can expand to other branches in the corporation or go prestige to unlock further content with greater power.


Going to the higher floors is synonymous with the promotion in a corporation and has more growth potential than the floors below. The game also applies that mechanism and will introduce more things for players to beat or possess to develop themselves until confronting bosses in the corp. In addition, players can receive more deadlines for themselves, complete them, and receive countless rewards or benefits for long-term development in the individual campaign.


Dungeon Corporation will introduce a freestyle development system if players want to create their path within the corp to slay other demons. That system is completely free, and players will have many different branches to develop themselves, create separate teams or challenge other players. Depending on each development path, the player’s future will change constantly, and the rewards or entertainment it brings are abundant.

Dungeon Corporation : (An auto-farming RPG game!) Dungeon Corporation : (An auto-farming RPG game!)


During their time working at the corporation, the player can fight various demons and collect additional equipment for the heroes. The effects of the equipment are plentiful and highly resonant and have a great deal of influence on the individual fighting styles of the player when developed alone. They can also equip leftovers for the party they have developed, improving their productivity and making the corporation more prosperous.

Dungeon Corporation is one of the most creative and funny games as it has many interesting concepts for players to experience a novel idle gameplay. It also introduces a humorous side to hell, where the hero must work in the corporation and defeat the demons with knowledge instead of brute force. Many new potentials will gradually unlock in gameplay and promise to bring everyone the funniest or funniest content an idle game has to offer.


  • Relaxing idle gameplay where players climb the ranks in the hell corporation and defeat the demons through intellect or papers instead of brute force.
  • Multiple contracts to be done or for stealing, and even earn more ranks or rewards from snatching the precious contracts from other demons.
  • An automated system while allowing players to perform certain actions for the crew active harder to earn more profits from the corporation.
  • An infinite upgrade system enhances the crew productivity while gaining more power to fight higher-ranking demons or compete with other players.
  • Collect precious equipment with excellent effects or equip the crew to increase every factor fascinatingly without wasting a single benefit.

Dungeon Corporation v3.96 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Storage) Download

Download (84M)

You are now ready to download Dungeon Corporation for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
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