DLS 9.00 released, what’s new in Dream League Soccer 2022?

December 18, 2022 (1 year ago)
Dream League Soccer 2022

DLS 2022, also known as Dream League Soccer 2022, is one of the fantastic football simulation games featuring touch controls and many AI automated systems. Besides, it is also a suitable choice for players to challenge others in professional football matches with absolute excitement and more.


When players arrive at DLS 2022, they will have to start recruiting to create a new football club in preparation for a long coaching career. The system will also automatically recommend football players suitable for FC’s current level and make players always prioritize young potentials for each position. After forming an FC, the development process is complex and will include many mechanisms or content to complete the foundation for an FC professional.


The primary source of revenue for players is friendly football matches with others in real-time. However, the evolution of the entire match is unique and innovative, requiring little direct interaction from the player instead of fluid and smooth direction from the tactical chart. Directing the team determines the victory and is also the brainstorming battle between players for the football strategy genre.


The upgrade systems in DLS 2022 are simple but horizontally complex, meaning that as the player grows, more new features will unlock. That makes gameplay richer and makes all members of FC superior when there are new facilities from the upgrade system. Moreover, when the systems are qualified, people can recruit new members with better quality or quantity.


World events are the game’s main highlight, as they gather countless other real players with their worthy rosters. Anyone can participate in world events, but the system automatically arranges everyone to face opponents that match the overall strength of the entire squad. In addition, people can spectate the matches of top-tier players, where they admire valuable teams with destructive power, whether offensive or defensive.

DLS 2022 is a simulation game, but its content and excitement are intense enough for football fans to have endless entertainment. On top of that, the game’s systems, interfaces, and graphics are all well-developed. Hence, as the player progresses further along the career path, new materials, players, and tactics will open up and broaden their experiences.

– Innovative UI with well-refined in-game graphics for an immersive experience.
– Expansive recruitment system to strengthen customized FC to new heights.
– Complex yet accurate tactical and formation design and allocation of members.
– Tons of wide range of tournaments and events for players compete in real-time.
– Entertaining gameplay pace for real football fans to build their dream team.

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