FIFA 22 released beta version for Android

December 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
FIFA Football: Beta

The game has had a big change when ‘overhauling’ the image to give it a more realistic feel. FIFA Mobile 22 beta currently features limited game modes including regular PvP-based VSA and H2H matches and a few Livestream events. The live stream is ‘reset’ every 8 hours, rewarded with new players for your team.

In addition, the game FIFA Mobile 22 has brought back and added a bunch of features like Fan favorites, Quick Sales. Most of these features are already integrated in Nexon’s FIFA Mobile Japan. The EA only chooses to take the positive parts from there.

Since this is only a limited-time beta of 3 weeks, there are no premium plans or cards. Therefore, gamers cannot top-up the game.

While playing test FIFA Mobile 22 try to maintain a stable connection and don’t forget to turn on VPN Canada, India, Romania to play. Hopefully soon EA will expand the game to allow more regions to be experienced.

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Paing Paing
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Ur if ge
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Sã mÿ Gâmër
What ???????????
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dave silva
please update
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Nice game... Will you do Vinkle or FocoVideo too?
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Nice game
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Tripple War
I want this mod game
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Nice game I love the game
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محمديوسف حمور
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